Khitara is an odd ensemble: two electric guitars, two classical guitars and a percussion set.

Each song played by Khitara sounds intimate, close, and is spiced with new  arrangements where Carballido gets the best  from each musician.

Khitara performs Carballido´s original music and great international rock songs rearranged and reinvented for this  ensemble. Some of the bands they´ve covered are: Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Boston, Queen, Guns and Roses, Metallica...

The  really exciting  thing about this project is to discover how via a  so unusual instrumental template you get a unique and extremely interesting sound that combines the sweetness of classical guitars with the aggressiveness of electrical and how the covered songs become new works  because of the very special sound of the ensemble.

All this coupled with the performers extensive  academic training ensures a high quality show in which any music lover will enjoy an extremely pleasant sound.


Jose Carballido: singer, electric guitar, composer and arranger.

Mónica Pita and Xosé Antonio Rodríguez: spanish guitars.

Daniel Añón: electric guitar.

Diego Lestón: percussion.