Jose Carballido´s Requiem is a musical work composed  for a prog rock band and a classical choir. Six musicians, a ten singers choir and three actors are on stage during the show while videos and photographs are projected. With all these elements Requiem is presented as a multidisciplinary, cutting-edge and exciting work.

Story line

In an unknown country, at an undetermined time, a pair of  lovers is left broken when one of them dies,  leaving behind two children and a profound pain… after this misfortune, the lover still living is destroyed  and wonders why he must suffer so much and begins to doubt his faith. When he recognizes that God has  been the cause of the death, the living lover in his wrath, asks him to bring back his Love. God tells him he  is unable to do this, but nevertheless permits the lover’s one last conversation. After a conversation filled  with sentiments of love, the dead lover asks the living one if he would die so that they could be together  anew, upon which the living lover realizes everything has been a deceit on the part of God. Just at this point  of desperation he discovers the reality: all of it was a dream and his common life can continue. But Death  always watches...


The soloist singer plays the roll of the story teller and the alive lover part; the classical choir play the roll of God (spanish lyrics) and Death (german lyrics).

The album

The double Cd “Requiem”, of almost 1 hour  and 40 minutes of duration,  appears in August of the 2010,  it was edited by Musea Records. The album was nominated for “best debut album” at ProgAwards.

Two versions

Full show : a more numerous choir and complete interpretion of the work.

Reduced show: a smaller choir or recording and a partial interpretation of the work.


Jose Carballido: composition, arranges, electric and spanish guitars , singer.

Diego Lestón: drums.

Román Suárez: keyboard.

Daniel Añón: electric guitar.

Lalo Carnota: bass guitar.

Zahily Docal: flute.


All the voices who work in the choir of Requiem are experimented singers who peform for  the OSG choir, too.


Live: Rosa Martínez , Omar Díaz  , Zeus Díaz. 

Video: Lucía Sánchez, Alberto da Sinda,  Jose Carballido, Daniel Añón, Marcos Mahía.

Art Director: Rosa Martínez.

Video director: Iago Prada