Khitara  (2016)

Six songs composed for two classical guitars, two electric guitars, a cajon and a soloist voice. Recorded at Disquesi studios  by Rubén Montes as sound engineer.

We recorded two versions: one in English and the other one in Spanish. Digital download includes both of them. The CD is only in Spanish.

Digital version (MP3 320kbps). English and Spanish (both included)  5€

Digital version (FLAC). English and Spanish (both included)  5€

CD (Spanish)

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portada Requiem.jpg

Requiem - Musea Parallele (2010)

Jose Carballido´s Requiem is a double album  which was nominated as best debut album at  ProgAwards.

It is an  album that combines, in perfect synchronization, different styles and languages of music, and offers as a result a musical synthesis of the existing compositional resources at the present time. In Réquiem there is counterpoint, functional harmony, modulations, and other resources of classical modern music like tonality, impressionist brushstrokes, virtuosity …. All of these elements are exploded across radically distinct instrumentation, a rock band formed with drums, electric bass, electric guitar, Spanish guitar, keyboard, flute, soloists, and furthermore a classical choir. 

Digital version (MP3 320kbps)   5€

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portada bestiario

The Circle Project - Bestiario (2016)

The Circle Project is an eclectic band that combines literature with different styles of music, even though their main influence is Art Rock. 15 artists are involved in the composition and recording of this Bestiary where they get to capture the personality and imagery of several imaginary beasts. 

 Carballido sings two songs in this album (El Gusano del Bosque Gris and Hyosube), and plays the lead guitar in Hyosube.

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