Jose Carballido

From an early age he was attracted by music  and started to play the violin and piano with just seven years. Some years later he started playing the guitar and official musical  studies combining  with the interpretation of popular styles. Then he discovered his passion for composing, reaching a very distinctive style which mix elements of different musical trends (both cultivated and popular) using a variety of resources, leading to a passionate, technically complex,  harmonically rich and rhythmic  music.He is licensed in guitar by the Cosmac (the Superior Musical Conservatory of A Coruña), finishing his studies with Ramón Carnota. He went to courses given by guitarists like Alex Garrobe, Antonio Duro, Carlo Marchione, Liliana Matos… He also studied with composers like Francisco Rosa or  Antón García Abril and the soprano Diana Somkhieva.  

Emphasizing modern music he won first place in the Aguillolo Rock competition (2002), he then won  second place in the Festival de la Canción de Ordes (2003), both as singer and guitarist of the band Mízar. He  also played in other bands: Piazzolla (music by the argentine composer), Dezine (soundtracks) or Aeternam (hard rock covers).

Nowadays he is  working in the composing of soundtracks and various projects like Requiem, Khitara, Mavros and  the preparation of various shows that will be presented shortly.